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We are excited to announce that Resolve Divorce has secured support for a capital raise in the business with crowdfunding experts Crowdcube!

Resolve Divorce is a solution that enables couples to secure access to justice at a fixed affordable price. The expansion of the business nationally is to be built on the capital investment of the investor crowd who will each receive a shareholding in Resolve Divorce and all its subsidiary dispute resolution solutions. Capital of £300,000 being raised in exchange for an equivalent 15% shareholding. Investments can start from as little as £10 for anyone who registers with Crowdcube.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware

Resolve is the only online divorce solution that enables spouses to manage, and conclude, their matrimonial financial disputes online. It guarantees a final binding settlement at the end of the streamlined process, without the need for expensive and upsetting court proceedings.

The cost-effective solution offers both parties, including same-sex couples, a fixed price and a simple confidential online journey that doesn’t involve expensive solicitors or court fees. It is neutral, unbiased and confidential for both parties, throughout the entire process.

Why use Resolve?

No solicitor or
court fees

With Resolve, there is never a need to use expensive solicitors or go through the courts.

Guaranteed financial

Resolve follows a straightforward, intuitive journey. Whatever happens, it concludes with a guaranteed financial settlement at the end of the process. This could be after one or two mediation meetings, or following arbitration.

guaranteed fixed fees

An affordable service with an upfront, fixed fee of £3000*.If a second mediation is required, an additional £500* is payable. In the unusual scenario that an arbitration hearing is required, a final payment of £500* will be charged. You will never pay more than £4,500*.

* plus VAT.

Flexible finance

If required, a flexible funding package is available through RateSetter, from just £84* per month with 0% APR over three years. Instant online application decisions are made.

* All prices are per party and inclusive of VAT

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£84 with 0% APR*


£3000 +VAT*

One off fixed fee

*All prices are per party

Simple process

Resolve follows a simple and intuitive online journey that guarantees a conclusion to your matrimonial financial disputes. The solution takes care of everything and guides you through a step-by-step, online process that doesn’t leave anything to chance.

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If so, see how Resolve can benefit both you and your employees.

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