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With divorce costing the British economy around £46 billion each year, Resolve supports a real need in today’s workplace, where divorce impacts business productivity and employee well-being.

Resolve is the only online divorce solution that enables spouses to manage, and conclude, their matrimonial financial disputes outside of work hours, guaranteeing a final binding settlement at the end of the streamlined process.

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The Benefits



Adding Resolve to your EAP or employee benefit scheme is FREE.

All those employees referred to Resolve through an employer’s recommendation or through an EAP scheme, will benefit from a significant.

10% discount off the fixed fee of £3000*

Employers can also choose to assist employees with payment of the Resolve fee and seek repayment through a salary sacrifice scheme.

*plus VAT

  • “It is estimated that divorce costs the British economy up to £46 billion each year.”
    British Chambers of Commerce
  • “Businesses must be better at identifying people struggling with family break up, so they do not end up leaving work.”
    Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary
  • “One in ten have had to leave jobs after a split, or have a colleague who has; 16% have seen workplace hit by sick leave following stress of break-up; 15% say separation or divorce had a negative impact on productivity.”
    Resolution research
  • “Despite the effect it has on their colleagues, just 10% of people think their employers offer adequate support for people going through a break up, with 34% saying more needs to be done to provide support in the workplace for those undergoing separation and divorce…”
    Jo Edwards, National Chair of Resolution
  • “The negative effects of family breakdown, health and productive work, is not always appreciated as much as it should be. Likewise the positive benefits to health and productivity of a stable and intact family life.”

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