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How it works

Resolve follows a simple and intuitive online journey that guarantees a conclusion to your matrimonial financial disputes. The solution takes care of everything and guides you through a step-by-step, online process that doesn’t leave anything to chance.


Resolve asks each party to complete and share their financial information online, expert asset valuation evidence is arranged automatically if needed, before all the financial information and details of the marriage are fed into the artificial intelligence, NOCTUA. NOCTUA then predicts and likely settlement before that prediction and all financial information is sent to an online independent barrister selected by each party, for an opinion on the likely settlement (including NOCTUA’s prediction). If both parties agree to accept NOCTUA’s prediction matters are concluded – if not the parties can choose online to proceed to either a face-to-face mediation meeting (at a mutually convenient date, time and venue) or a fast track arbitration award. An expert family law mediator is selected to run all mediations and a qualified family law arbitrator deals with all arbitration hearings. If no agreement is reached at a mediation, the parties can choose to go to an arbitration hearing where your chosen barrister will represent you, as a final step. What is absolutely guaranteed, however, is that a binding award will be made at the end of this process, either by agreement between you and your spouse or by the ruling of the arbitrator.

Resolve offers a quicker, more effective and affordable option. You don’t need to worry about the different stages of the proceedings, as everything is taken care of in one fixed fee. The secure, online service shows the progress of your case file, 24/7, and can be accessed at your convenience.

Our process

With 24/7, secure and independent access to your case file, Resolve allows you to remain in total control of the process, at your own pace. It involves full financial disclosure, selecting individual barristers for independent legal opinions and the online booking of mediation dates and venues and a final arbitration process, if necessary.

Resolve offers a holistic divorce solution that not only manages your financial dispute, but also delivers additional support services that deal with the wider impact of divorce on you and your family. It offers life coaching, health and nutritional advice, personal wellness and the provision of a free standard will. All of these services are available throughout the whole process and extend to those children of appropriate age.

For Step-by-Step information on how the process works, download the Resolve brochure.

Download our brochure for more information on the Resove solution
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