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What is Resolve?

Resolve is the only online divorce solution that enables spouses to manage, and conclude, their matrimonial financial disputes online. It guarantees a final binding settlement at the end of the streamlined process, without the need for expensive and upsetting court proceedings.


The cost-effective solution offers both parties a fixed price and a simple confidential online journey that doesn’t involve expensive solicitors or court fees. It is neutral, unbiased and confidential for both parties, throughout the entire process.

For the vast majority of 118,000 couples going through divorce each year, it is an expensive, time consuming, confusing and often deeply unsatisfactory process. A combination of no formal legal advice or solicitors’ guidance and limited access to legal aid, means that there are significant concerns about the affordability of divorce.

Resolve has therefore been created by Jones Myers, a nationally recognised top tier family law firm, with a combined 250 years’ legal experience. It answers a real need in an evolving divorce landscape to provide an alternative solution to divorcing couples. It offers an online service that guarantees a conclusion for a fixed price, whilst ensuring expert legal advice is provided when it is needed. All of this is offered against a backdrop of a full suite of family support services.

Why use Resolve?

No solicitor or
court fees

With Resolve, there is never a need to use expensive solicitors or go through the courts.

Guaranteed financial

Resolve follows a straightforward, intuitive journey. Whatever happens, it concludes with a guaranteed financial settlement at the end of the process. This could be after one or two mediation meetings, or following arbitration.

guaranteed fixed fees

An affordable service with an upfront, fixed fee of £3000*.If a second mediation is required, an additional £500* is payable. In the unusual scenario that an arbitration hearing is required, a final payment of £500* will be charged. You will never pay more than £4,500*.

* plus VAT.

Flexible finance

If required, a flexible funding package is available through RateSetter, from just £84* per month with 0% APR over three years. Instant online application decisions are made.

* All prices are per party and inclusive of VAT

24/7 online,
secure access

A bespoke, online software system that offers each party 24/7, confidential access to their case file and telephone support, when needed. The couple can move along the process at their own speed and check the status of the case online, at any point.

Expert barristers’

Each party selects their own advising barristers online, from a panel of barristers at St John’s Buildings. An independent opinion is given on the likely outcome and settlement at the end of the process.

Expert family
law mediation

A highly qualified family law mediator is appointed for the initial settlement meeting that allows for up to three hours of mediation. A second mediation can be requested, if no settlement is reached.


If a settlement is not agreed after mediations, both parties will attend a private arbitration hearing with an independently appointed arbitrator. A final settlement award is guaranteed after this hearing.

Divorce pack

If required, a divorce pack can be downloaded at no extra cost. The pack includes not just the required divorce paperwork, but also a clear guide on how to complete the forms, with sample petition clauses.

Expert property
and pension reports

A property valuation report, on the matrimonial home, will be prepared by AMS. Where required, an Independent Pension Advisor will also provide a neutral valuation report on any pensions. Both reports are neutral and disclosed to both parties.

Holistic, divorce
support services

Access to a range of free family support services, including life coaching, personal wellness and health, for you and your family.

Will writing

Includes a free home visit from a will writing specialist who will prepare a simple will.

  • “Resolve answers a real need in an evolving divorce climate, where over 52% of divorcing couples are now representing themselves in court.”
  • “The average legal cost of a divorce is £13500 per party. Resolve offers a fixed fee of £3000 (+VAT) per party, with a guaranteed financial binding award at the end of the process.”
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